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We are here.

We are here

We have arrived, the diaries that is. 

Something I have been looking forward to for many months, since I decided to create a diary that was functional, easy to use and actually worked! 

The beginning pages take you on a journey through yourself, it is something you have to sit down and think about. Create space and write down your goals what you want to achieve and what you want from your life and yourself. Something we all ask ourselves at some point in time. But this method does it in a subtle way, when you get to the end you will feel a sense of enlightenment, joy and success. Like you're on the right track. The pages are all an off white colour so your eyes don't get tired when using the diary. 

Step into monthly, weekly, daily planners, it has it all. Each day has a page dedicated to what you want to achieve, gratitude, favourite part of the day and ensuring you are tracking towards your goals, and a happier you. 

Every week there is a check-in, to make sure you are on the right track to ensure you are rewarding yourself and just to basically check-in and make sure you are ok. Every 3 months there is a check-in too and a re-evaluation of your goals. 

The diary is set up for 6 months at a time. So you can break your year into 2 and get stuff done!

Each and every day, month and week is blank date wise because I don't want to restrict you. You can use it how you see fit. But there is enough days for every month being 31 days. Incase you miss a month, you can either skip the last day or the last 2 days if you are using it every single day. But also if you miss a day or two you don't have to worry, just turn the page and write the next day in there. 

This is created for you, with you in mind. If you're still not sure, download these pages at the end of the document, think of it like a taste test. 

Daily Pages and how to use them 

A few Goal setting pages and how to use them (not all)

Enjoy x 

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