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The 1% Rule.

1% Rule

Live Every Day 1% Better.

Ever tried to make everything better all at once only to realise it's basically impossible to maintain that every day of the week? I think there is a lot of people in that boat. We have all been there. 

On reading James Clear's book 'Atomic Habits' he describes a pro cycling teams trainer, and his philosophy to improving the team for the future. This is using the 1% Rule. The cycling team improved a small parts of their lives by 1%. For example, they made sure they all slept on the exact pillow, mattress, sheets etc that provide optimal comfort and enable maximal recovery and sleep. They adjusted the seat and handle bars until it was at the perfect range for each rider. But essentially every single piece of their lives was improved by just 1%. That team was unbeatable. 


So let's take that to our own lives, what can we do?

Do 1% better everyday. Imagine, if you woke up and decided to consciously make an effort to improve by 1% every single day. This could be in varying aspects of your life. Every day you could improve your room by 1%, you could study 1% more, run 1% more, work 1% more, cook for 1% more time or challenge yourself by just 1%. In 100 days, that is 100% improvement in your life. 


For this to be successful you have to be consciously intentional, wake up, set an intention for that day, write down what you are going to improve by 1% and allocate some time for it. Then when it is done, tick it off for that extra bit of dopamine rush in your brain. 

See how small steps carried out every single day, impact you in large ways in the long run... 

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