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Tips for Relief from Stress, Anxiety, Nerves and Over Thinking.

Relief from Stress

Tips n Tricks.

We all need a big tool box when it comes to life. Tools for stress, coping mechanisms that are healthy, a way to express ourselves escape from the pressures of life and so much more. These are things we learn in the early years of life, through associative learning; watching our parents/caregiver and conditioned learning; by being told by parents/caregiver how we should cope or think or do in certain times of stress. Therefore, these ways of coping, dealing and moving on are passed down through generations. We learn as our parents/caregivers did from their own parents/caregivers.


However, stress, anxiety, nerves, over thinking hits just about everyone in their lifetime. Here are some simple and easy ways to cope and deal with these feelings. 

1. Put yourself back in the present.

This is extremely useful when overthinking or getting anxious, because in these moments we go out of the present and we begin to think of the future or the past, running ideas, possibilities anything through our mind. This has a direct affect on our physiological feelings, the feelings and thoughts have to go somewhere! So try doing the rule of 5 to get yourself back in the present moment. 

Name 5 things you can see

4 things that you can touch                                                                               

3 things you can hear                                              

2 things you can smell                                               

1 thing you can taste 

Try it now, close your eyes once you do 5 things you can see, really centre yourself, feet on the ground. Concentrate on your senses. 

2. Breathing exercises. 

When you get stressed and nervous what increases? your heart rate. What can you directly do to change that? Slow your breath down. (in high performance this is also a great tool to hype yourself up for whatever you need to achieve)

A true favourite is box breathing. 

Breathe in for 4 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds. Breathe out for 4 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds. Repeat as many times as you like. 10 Usually does it. 


3. Physical Relief. 

Fun Fact, we hold stress in our muscles. So doing a good bit of exercise, yoga, stretching whatever you choose helps to release that. 

Good stretches are. 

Neck. Stretch your neck side to side. Anchor your hands under your legs if you are sitting down, and take your ear to your shoulders on each side. Holding the stretch for 5-10 seconds. 

Rolling your shoulders back and forwards, relief from tension and close your eyes, focus on the sensation, helps bring you to the present moment too. 

Stretch your fingers, splay them out on a surface with your palm flat and your arm up right. Put pressure down into your hand so you stretch your forearm as well. May need to pull back and forward to get a stretch down the forearm.                                                         



  • Bring yourself back to the present
  • Breathe
  • Exercise, Stretch, release those muscles


This is just quick and easy ways to help yourself in moments of worry, stress and anxiety. If you start to feel overwhelmed speak to someone you trust, write your feelings down in a journal and seek professional help if you feel like you cannot handle it on your own. 

Your mind is power, your body is just as powerful. Appreciate them, love them and thank them. 


Enough from me, I hope this gives some insight into where these feelings come from, ways to deal with them and helps you even just a little bit. 



Sav x                                                              

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