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Limitless Guide the why, the who the how, the beginning.

Who else is trying to get stuff done, create a life they're proud of and constantly feeling like they're running around chasing their own tail. Trying to make literally everyone else happy but themselves? Or succeeding at making themselves happy but still trying to work out how everything can fit into a day, a week, a lifetime? Digesting a lot of information to become the person you want to be not knowing exactly where to start?

I'm sure there was a lot of nodding heads just then. Thats why LG has been created. There is so much information out there on how to be the best version of yourself, so many videos, influencers companies you name it. With not a lot of guidance, that doesn't cost you your life savings. So I figured as someone studying to become a psychotherapist, why don't I put my knowledge to good use.

I'm still learning, but hey aren't we all.

So here is a platform you can discover yourself, theories scientific and holistic, the ideas created around our psychology, society and life. It's about figuring out how you got here, why you're here and what you're going to do about it whilst you have the chance too. 

The idea is to learn with me, grow with me, and become something you are proud of. This blog will develop as my knowledge does, it will I hope you bring you a place to go to figure out whats going on in your head and in others (because we all know that is a mystery sometimes). 

LG has created its first step to helping you in your own home, with the Daily Diary for Success. Go check it out if you're looking for a diary, planner, goal setter, mental skills coach and motivator. 


Anyway, this is hello and welcome to the journey. 


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Nov 14, 2021 • Posted by Dee Stirling

I so excited to start my journey, thank you💕

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